Manage your headache…


How many people have headache?

Yes…I have!

When I have many deadlines, and have to sit in front of my PC for a long time, yes, my headache starts with neck pain……:(

According to Wikipedia, there are 200 types of headaches…oh my!

Tension and migraine are common types.

What are causes of our headache?

Many causes…medication overuse, a lot of caffeine, weather, food, stress, neck stiffness, brain disease, sleepless, tiredness, distortion of your body etc….

Transient ischemic attack, many of TIA patients just thought they had headache and some other wired symptoms, but not thought really serious.

Then, some people get more serious damages when they really realize what happen in their brains.

I am not a physician or any medical practitioners, but I found good reason to manage headache is to keep our life more enjoyable.

And found a good management application of our headache.

Dr. Mauskop’s headache center released headache management application at iTunes.

One of testimonial said that she had headaches, and kept diary about her headache.

After analysis of her headache, she found causes of her headache are caffeine and lack of sleep.

Then, after she reduced caffeine take, and improved sleep, she has no headache.

It is good, isn’t it??

You do not have to suffer from your headaches, and if you find more serious reasons, just go to see your medical doctors as soon as you can.

Please have a time to talk with your body.

You might find many things you have not realized…

Our body is amazing….

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