YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Foundation is one of cosmetics that we, woman, always wonder which one is good for my skin…

YSL Fusion Ink Fiundation would be one of your options for your daily routine. 

The foundation is really light and immediately changing liquid to Powderly texture. This foundation is designed and used the same mechanics that paper ink has. 

As you might easily imagine that paper ink can dry quickly after you write some on paper. The foundation is the same. Once you put the foundation, the liquid is changed to Powderly. This is awesome. 🙂

If you like natural taste of skin, then you might like this one alone, and if you want to finish up your skin more matte, then use powder after you apply it.

The applicator shape is from Pen.

So, pen and ink.

You will love this new type of foundation from YSL.


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