Guerlain Abeille Royale 

Honey is the food that one of powerful foods and widely used for many purposes. For example, honey is effect to heal lightly burned skin. (Of course, please consult your medical provider when you severy burned.) Sore throat and cough… We can find many products for beauty purpose in these days, and you might know how honey contained products make your skin dewey. 🙂 Guerlain also pays attention the effect honey has, and uses really rare honey produced by black bees. With black bee honey, Guerlain research developed Pure Royal Concentrate to our skin really dewy and glow from within. All of the products in this line are unique and effective, but here my recommendation is Daily Repair Serum. This serum can be combined with your regular regimen, but if you want to maximum the effect, then you want to try with Face Treatment Oil. After Face Treatment Oil, by just one push to apply freshly delivered black bee power, you will notice how your skin becomes dewy and like water balloon. 🙂 G061094_list The picture from Guerlain official site.

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